Wednesday, 20 August 2014


... there must have been a time when I could not read .. but I can't remember it x I have always been an avid reader .. of ...well anything really x I DO like Science Fiction/fantasy .. but will give most things a try .... including non-fiction .. mm quilting books are pretty interesting xx

When I was working it did sometimes slow down ... but the kids grew up with me "in" a book .. I can knit and read .. and wash up and read .. should I go on? lol xx

Since I retired I have picked up again ... I have found and read some new stories ....and re read some old favourites x

I have read and re-read Game Of Thrones since the first book .. copies are in tatters! ...

... the TV series has been such fun .. what have they kept .. what have they changed ? NOW the family are taking note and asking .. where is this going? lol x

Another I have returned to is ..

( don't know where my original copy is !! Had to buy a new one .. not complaining though x) ... just in time to find out they have made a series!!... OH YES!!.. so now I have another series to get involved with xx Not on in the UK yet .. but they had lottery funding and BBC input .. so soon I hope x In the mean time there is the Internet x... maybe be my name .. McClure .. but there is SOMETHING about a man in a kilt!! lol x

I think it was reading and listening to them speak Gaelic that set me off ...  I am a MEGA fan of ..


...this t-shirt is very old and washed out  .. the concert was in Manchester in 1995 .. (GOSH THAT SEEMS LIKE A LONG TIME AGO!!) my mum and Sally were with me and we ALL stood on the chairs and sang our hearts out .. YES even my mother!! lol x

I have been listening to ..

.....which sets me to missing Sally and having a GOOD OLD CRY xx Does us all good occasionally x I have MANY of their albums .. notice this is also somewhat tattered!.. but this one ALWAYS get to me!! lol x (you can find them on YouTube .. they sing in English too ... RUNRIG... x)

Have a wonderful day x ..I'm going off to start re-reading Dragonfly In Amber .. next in the series x

Diane x


kiwikid said...

Isn't it interesting how some books grab you and you can read them many times!!Music is a nostalgia wallow for me too - Split Enz brings back lots of memories of friends and outings in NZ.

Kelly Warriner-Simpson said...

Your George Martin copies look rather similar to my Robin Hobb books - I prefer her fantasy writing style, epic stories but without as much blood guts and dodgy nudity. But I am looking forward to Mr Martin getting his chuff into gear to get the next book written!

Julie Fukuda said...

After many many years of memorizing words that went with pictures and even the eye chart, it was a shock to find out that grey stuff was actually writing! I am still catching up ... the world's slowest reader but love those books.(now that getting them in English is hard to do).

Debra said...

You made me cry. Your gorgeous girl misses you and all you family. We have missed them both and are eager to get home to them. We are currently at Heathrow on our way. I have just bought a new SD card to video the BIG SHAVE. Will share with you soon.

Maggi said...

I am an avid reader too, always have been. Nothing wrong with missing Sally from time to time.

Kate said...

I love reading too! Although I haven't read much as far as books go since my baby was born. My problem is that I am addictive and once I start I just can't stop. I would never sleep and poor baby would bear the brunt. So...waiting for a long car ride I guess!