Tuesday, 16 October 2012


...today this beautiful flower flew in from Texas..

LOVE the rich colours in this one. Kat did a wonderful job xx However ... don't tell but I seem to have a few "visitors" tagging along xx


ALSO these 2 blocks flew in from Australia..


Don't you just LOVE those cheeky kangaroos xx

I am ready to stalk the postman for more flower blocks xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Rosemary said...

You get the best stuff in your mail! Love the little bugs! So cute!!

Shaz said...

You're just so lucky to be getting all these lovely blocks!

Debra said...

Flowers were a great choice Diane. They are looking fantastic.It will be interesting to see them all once you have received them and of course the resulting quilt.

The 'roos are cute too.

Michele said...

I guess there are always bugs in the garden.