Wednesday, 10 October 2012


... is the description that could be used for me xx I have been working away every spare min on my Halloween quilt.... oooh! I DO so love this little wall hanging xx

I have big stitch quilted... and embellished.. and had soooooooooo much fun xx IF ONLY I had not promised Caroline she could have it ...... OH WELL! I will just have to look at it on their wall... AFTER.. show and tell (can hang onto it a BIT longer that way xx)

Want to see?.... LOOK...

(do you know how hard it is to hang a quit up back to front?!! It KEPT falling down!! lol x)

He-He xx The BIG revel will be 22 nd October... you will be able to see the front then xx

Last night was quilt group in Congleton... it was our version of speed (date) quilting!! There were 4 tables .. you sat at a table and had a demonstration... then after 15 mins the bell was rung and you moved to the next table!! GOOD FUN xx  

The theme for the night was .... Christmas!! Coming up FAST!!

My favourite was a little set of birds..

may just try and find time to have a go xx

ALSO there was a talk about our next exhibition... next July... ALL members are to make 4 (YES! 4) cards ... and an artistic piece .. that is to be FRAMED!! Then sold for fundraising !!WISH ME LUCK!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx


mammafairy said...

Good luck! cards should be interesting. They can be simple, or very complex. Enjoy!

Michele said...

I can't wait to see your big reveal. I have mine back too and though I won't have them quilted and bound (no sewing machine does put a big kink into plans ya know) I am excited to show off what was created.