Friday, 11 March 2016


....YES ... I'm back from the wilderness from where I was screaming to you all .. but without the internet you couldn't hear me xx

Just about TWO whole weeks ago I went to plug in my laptop .. because I had the RED message saying your battery is tired and wants feeding .. only to find..


Now there are no children or rodents in my house .. Sam got over the puppy chewing stage many years ago.. and poor old Gus has no teeth! SO .. I have no idea what happened.

When I went to the shop (same one I bought the laptop from .. remember that relevant piece if information!) I got the shake of the head/indrawn breath/pursed lips and deep sigh that "some" men use when confronted with a woman with a laptop problem! ..WELL .. I may not know a lot BUT I'm not an idiot .. that idiot soon learned and I got very nice young man serving me instead xx ah!

ANYWAY.. it turned out I had to order the part .. not stocked anywhere around here! EVEN the shop that sold and gave me glowing recommendations on my laptop and equipment ... and had to WAIT! and WAIT for it to be ordered and then delivered x

Hey-Ho x I cannot tell you how many times I thought.. I'll just send a message/write a Blog post/look that up ..... how did I get so hooked into all this? LOL X I'm glad to be back .. wont be giving it up ..and will be doing it all again xx

THANK YOU so much to all those who sent me "where are you/are you OK messages x It means a lot to know you missed me xx NOW get a cuppa because I have a lot to catch you up on x

SO.... what have I been up to ? Well..

....there was a fun D0-Your-Own-Thing day with no problems with the heating xx

.. a lovely meal out with friends.

... several meetings at Congleton Quilt group and the March meeting at Sandbach Quilt group ... always good fun x

I had a pattern test to do .. I made the blocks to make sure they worked ..THEN .. started to change up the colours to see how different it would look ..

I got all the way to the end .. having fun as I went .. took the last picture and then wondered for a while about just what was bothering me ..

....if you look at the top right you will see a block got changed around!! I NEVER NOTICED!! There is no way I am going to undo it is for a baby .. and .. you know what.... I had fun making it and that's what counts xx

I had the fabric to make the block for my Brit Bee and decided in view of the above I should have a practice block ..

then I made the "real" block..

...of course I then had a spare block and this IS the year of USE-IT-UP,, so I made some more blocks and now I have ..

another baby quilt x I also used up some fleece that has been "lingering" in the corner for the back..

SO.. with 2 quilts done .. WHY can I not find where the fabrics went from ? NOT EVEN a dimple in the fabric mountain!! OH well! .. onwards we go ..

....I finished the shawl with ALL my favourite Autumn colours ...

and ..yes .. made another xx I must be craving some sun I think! lol ...

Just shows what you can do when you have time because you cannot get onto the internet!! lol x

On a different note my dad has been poorly may remember he had a stroke 12 months ago... unfortunately he had to have a short stay in hospital and since coming home has been quite frail. We have had follow-up appointments and some investigations that are ongoing .. will let you know the outcome of those when we know x For the time being we celebrate the good days and get out for a bit and tolerate the not so good days xx At least he is still here with us and we get to see his smiley face .. although the wit has slipped a bit x 

AH! It feels good to be back. I hope you are all well and happy .. I am going to attempt to catch up on reading Blogs .. no promises!! I am off to The Quilters Guild Regional day in Frodsham tomorrow ....always a good day x AND having missed 2 weeks I hope to get back to the 2016 Photo Challenge .. I must go and check out the word for this week x

Keep safe and hope you enjoyed your cuppa (I did lol )

Diane xx


Mad about Craft said...

It was nice to see you last night.

I'm sorry your Dad has been ill, it is such a worry!

I love the shawls!

JoZart Quilts said...

So glad you are back and I wondered if all was well at your end. So sorry to hear about your dear Dad and hope he improves quickly. I am sure he's getting the best of care from you all.
You have been busy and made some gems in the interim whilst AOL. I would have left the odd square too. It proves it's hand made and as some religions say.... "only God is perfect"!!! I remember seeing a huge complex quilt at a Gresford exhibition and there was a really blatant block that was wrong and everyone who saw it said that why should it matter. No one was bothered but it made people notice it!
Keep smiling,
Jo x

JoZart Quilts said...

You make such beauties thar I thought of you when I saw this one. Hope you like it.
Jo x

Ali Honey said...

I was going to use the sentence you did...just shows what you can get done with no Internet. We become very comfortable with it don't we and feel a real loss when we don't have it. ( Did you find out the cause of the broken connection? It seems a bit strange unless it had been rubbing on something? )
Any way I'm glad you are back with us. Best Wishes to your Dad - keep laughing when you can
Hugs from away over here!

Lorraine said...

Hi Diane, good to have you back. Was wondering if all was well your end, it's soo unusual not to hear from you. I know,what you means about 'tinternet' it just sucks us in, I go to bed tired and just have a quick peek and suddenly it's 1am! Best wishes to your Dad, take care of yourself. LLx PS great shawls and lovely quilts! X

kiwikid said...

So what caused the problem??? Phantom cord chewers??? Seems very strange unless they are programmed to break after a certain time so you have to get a new one!! Lol!! Is amazing what you can get done without the internet isn't it, but we all miss the contact of blogging friends etc when we are without it!! And you would have missed skype too I am sure. Your baby blankets are beautiful...didn't notice the woops until you pointed it out!! The shawls are so pretty!! Not as nicee a smine though!!! Lol!!! Great to see you back blogging.

kiwikid said...

Ooh forgot to say I hope your Dad is improving. 😊

Julie Fukuda said...

It's the same here, the people who sell things never have spare parts. It looks as though you used all the non-computer time in a very productive way. And a wild block ... well, those owls should have been watching, so not your fault.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Lovely to have you back, sorry to hear that dad and laptop haven't been too well. Some great achievements while you've been "off grid" ! Xxxx

Michele said...

So sorry that you were unplugged for a while but it looks like you put the time to good use.

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Wonderful to have you back Dianne, I was starting to worry! Pleased that you are ok, but sorry to hear your dads not so well.

You have kept very busy without the internet to keep you amused! It's amazing how much other things can take up all that space!

I do like the ice cream though, the one in the next post! Nice pic of your dad!

Vireya said...

Amazing how much you have achieved during your time "offline". Nice to see you back again, though.