Monday, 21 March 2016


.... TWO feet .. and I always wear TWO socks ..ALWAYS!! SO... why do I always have an odd sock after washing? I check the washing basket.. no odd sock. I check the washer ... nope! I check the dryer .. nothing! THEN next time I wash .. there is the missing sock!

WHY!!!!!...... (WELL I just found out that to-day 21st March.. is WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY.. and the idea is to wear ODD socks to promote a conversation that then promotes the day!! KNOW I know WHY xx )

Ok.. rant over .. smiley face once more xx lol x

My oldest grandson became a teenager recently .. I have no idea how that happened so quickly! Yesterday dad was feeling better so we went out for a meal THEN ......

.....did you guess we had cake? ..OH YES!.. you know us xx lol x

It was a lovely day .. mind you the heat from the candles was a bit intense xx

I have 2 friends with birthdays in April .. both have had bag requests in for a while xx I DO like it when they tell me .. makes it soooooooooooo much easier xx

The first is done ..

hopefully I will be able to get to  the other one soon x

I am now going to tackle the ironing mountain that is threatening to topple over and cause an avalanche xx Wish me luck xx

Diane x


Terry said...

As for socks, I always thought that the dryer nibbled one from time to time! Ha! I seldom iron clothing so hope you were able to finish your ironing before it became a creature of its own! Your dad is looking good! I liked your bag!--Terry

Julie Fukuda said...

My husband was the king of single socks. I finally made him tie them together in pairs before putting them in the laundry basket. That did help a lot.
When the kids were young, I just bought mega-amount of the same brand and color and paired them up as I took them out to hang up.

kiwikid said...

Ooooohhhh careful with that ironing mountain!! Could be dangerous!!!! Wonderful family birthday photos! I have the same problem with socks...must be inbuilt!!! They are made to become one and then we have to buy more!! LOl!! very nice bag you have made.

JoZart Quilts said...

Your grandson is growing up into a handsome young man! He looks older than 13 for sure. Glad your Dad is feeling better and well enough to get out for a meal.
I must add that I once threw out 35 odd socks after having them in a basket for over a year. Where oh where do they go? Now I just buy plain black socks for Winter, for DH, so any two make a pair. No matching at all In Summer he has beige ones. Now I couldn't tell you if we have any odd socks.
Jo x

Debra said...

Great photos of Josh, Marion and Peter and Adam and Caroline. Not long to go now :-)

I can't believe Josh is a teenager either. Great cake. xx