Wednesday, 16 March 2016


... this morning and brought me a lovely parcel all the way from New Zealand x My partner .. Kimberly ( has done me proud..

such a fun parcel. I especially like this key ring..

the shower cap is soo funny..

and I LOVE this bright and cheerful tea-towel..

Its great when a swap works xx

I had a couple of hours free yesterday.. by the way my dad is much stronger this week, he had an ECG which shows changes from AF but nil else , a repeat x-ray that will be compared with the last one AND repeat bloods that are ..again.. for comparison ! BIG thanks to everyone who sent messages I am SURE that helped to make him feel better xx  .... SO .. I tired out a few blocks to see what I felt like making next..

I decide a small quilt would be the order of the day ...

this top is now waiting to be layered xx ... the other blocks are "waiting" for a bit more inspiration to strike xx lol x ALL fabrics from my small mountain of course xx lol x

I hope you get to play and have fun to-day xx

Diane x

(ps. I forgot to say... you can see what I sent to Kimberly on her blog post x)


Dotty's Daughter said...

Lots of swapping fun with Kimberley, she is addicted like us dear Diane ha ha. Pleased your Dad is better.xx

JoZart Quilts said...

So nice to hear that your Dad has improved and he does seem to be getting looked after by the medics.
What a lovely pack of goodies in your swap. It's like Christmas! Parcels in the post are such a treat, especially when the contain such great goodies.
Love the top you made but I must admit that I am well impressed by the sunray block too. A bit too complex for me, I must say.
Jo x

Janice Smith said...

So happy to read that your dad is doing better; I love the photo of him with the ice cream :-)
I also like all three quilt pieces on which you ar working.

Terry said...

Glad to read that your dad is feeling better. You have a special dad and I admit, the ice cream photo is also a favorite of mine too! My favorite block is the circle with the spikey bits; but, I like all your work! What a fun swap!--Terry

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Lovely goodies, great blocks, a fab top, and terrific news about dad xxx

Janet said...

Good'o for your dad. Great that he is getting better. I like your quilt, but the sunburst block is pretty great too!

kiwikid said...

Wonderful swap parcel Diane!! Whittackers (spelling??) choc is supposed to be the best!! Love the shower cap!! and the kiwi t-towel!
Good to hear your Dad is stronger Diane! very nice blocs and quilt you have made!!