Wednesday, 1 July 2015


..... of days have involved quite a bit of sitting and waiting for whichever parent was at an appointment ... be it Drs or blood tests .. whatever .. SO .. as I could not take my sewing machine!!.. I took along some knitting xx

.... now the hippo (who I LOVE xx) .. has a new friend ..

This is DEFINATLY  a rival for the hippo xx lol

they fit to-gether very nicely in the bag ..

xx It is going to be SOOOOOOOOOOO hard to put them in the post xx

Tomorrow afternoon and then hopefully on Friday I will have some time to myself .. oh yes!!.. and I am hoping to get some sewing done x I WILL NOT .. be working on my Brit Bee Swap block!! WHY? Well the envelope came today and the block requested is .. (not a great picture as its a picture of a picture!!!... but she wants TWO circles!!..... in one block!)

OH MY!!!!!! That will be going on the corner of the desk until I screw up some courage!! Watch this space ... in a while xx lol x

Diane xx


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Hope the curves go as well as the knitting!

iwan wan said...

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Maggi said...

Hippo and friend are just so cute. I'm sure that you'll manage to make the block look as lovely as you always do.

mammafairy said...

Those circles... do not have to be concentric... she would accept three in a row instead.... and they are easier than they look, so you will be fine!xx

Hippo and rhino look happy together, too!

Michele said...

Those are so cute and I'm sure you will find the courage to tackle the circles. Have faith in yourself.