Friday, 3 October 2014


... smile when I see the announcement ... Back By Popular Demand xx... well Back By ... He-He ..

I have had several requests for the recipe for ..

YES its my apple bread/cake x

Its VERY simple ... its a variety of banana bread that I have adapted ..

You need ..

 2 oz margarine
5 oz sugar ( I use castor as its fine and mixes in quickly)
8 oz self raising flour (and a pinch of salt)
2 eggs (I use large as I fin them best)
Apples or bananas .. or whatever fruit you are going to use

I use 2 bananas and find about 2 large or 4 small apples will work for this .... any more and it gets a bit heavy so just double or whatever the other ingredients... VERY technical and scientific!! lol x I just use whatever apples I have hanging around x .... I am thinking of having a go with stewed pears as there are a lot around at the moment xx

Stew the apples .. I like to add cinnamon and honey .. but use whatever your taste dictates .. cool and puree ... with bananas I just puree down before using

cream the marg and sugar ....add the eggs ...when fully mixed in add the flour and about a tablespoon of water ....then add the fruit  and mix in thoroughly

I find it will fill a loaf tin or deep sandwich tin

Bake on 180 (c ) or equivalent on your oven for 50-60 minutes ... turn out of tin to cool

and if you can stand it .... eat when cool x

It freezes really well if there is any left! It gradually gets sticky on the top and keeps really well x

Have fun

Diane xx


Sharyn Baldwin said...

Thank you for the recipe Diane, I will try it out this week!!

Maria said...

Hmmm!! Pop the kettle on I am camping over for a cuppa and cake..

Maria said...

Stupid iPad,,, not camping. COMING.

Josie said...

How could you be so cruel..... I'm on a diet!! Humm... I'll keep the recipe till I'm not....:o)

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mammafairy said...

You are a star! thank you.