Monday, 2 July 2012

JULY IS HERE .... did that happen? I know I have had some sleep... but how much !!? The colour for July is BROWN... so watch out for a new backgrouund and some BROWN quilts xx I know some people have a problem with BROWN... not me xx

I have been working on 2 of my swaps today.... the first is for Stash Bee # 3...

This one is for Jennifer in Idaho.... she wants PINK BROWN and BIEGE... hope she likes it , as you know PINK is a scarce comodity round here! lol x

The second one is for a NEW swap..... I KNOW the LAST thing I need is a new swap! BUT ITS A CHRISTMAS ONE!! He-He ... like thats a good excuse lol x

I made this block for Sandy in Massachusetts xx

They will both go in the post tomorrow.

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Rosemary said...

I like both your blocks! I think it's neat to work on a Christmas block in July. It defies the elements!!

Karen O said...

Fun blocks! And I like brown so it will be fun to see it pop up here.

Shaz said...

I'm working on swap blocks as well! (thats amongst the BOM's) Isn't it a small world?

Kelly said...

Fun blocks - but a month of brown!!!!

Michele said...