Sunday, 15 July 2012


... there are going to be LOTS of pictures in this post... because this is the one that I promised you ... to show how I made the mug/candle mat xx

First off you need to have a template or a ruler to make the "plates" for the Dresden plate... I am posh and have a ruler !! If you don't have a ruler there are lots of published patterns for making templates xx These are cut from 5 inch wide fabric... if you use a charm square you get 2.. if you use a jelly role strip you get ... quite a lot!!

I intend to make a few (!!) mats ... even so I think I went a bit mad !! lol xx..

then you need to start finding the ones you want to put together... I used 10 "wedges" to make mine .. it just depends on how you sew and how you want it to look ..

then you iron them all in half...don't be tempted to skip this stage .. it helps later..HONESTLY...

THEN sew along the top.. if you strip sew you get some bunting!!...

then turn then right way... and line up the top with the ironed line...SEE.. it was worth ironing that crease in as you now have a measure to keep them all the same and centered..

then sew all the wedges together..

the back ground I cut 6.5 x 12.5 ..I folded in half and used those marks to centre the placement and pin in place..

sew down in your favourite way... I do it by hand, but its up to you xx  Then layer up. I used a cotton rich wadding ..then the insulated stuff... (I didn't have enough for one I patched it!!.. well its Sunday and I want to show you how to do it!! it doesn't show when finished... bet you forget all about it x)... then I used this great fabric that is all about tea for the back xx..

Then quilt it... at the moment my fav is the curvy stitch on my machine ,,, I use the machine because the many layers make it difficult to do by hand xx..

Then make a circle... I made a circle of cardboard, draw a circle on the fabric , sew a line of tacking, pull around the cardboard. tie off, iron over the cardboard,take it out and iron again. then fold and cut in half..

and sew it down onto the mat... covers up the edge of the quilting nicely..

then sew on the binding...AND if you are still with me ..... you have a mug/candle mat ..

so much fun!!

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Annabelle said...

Thank you so much for explaining all that in such a simple fashion. I would try it THIS MINUTE but just sat down after dinner with a glass of wine to relax! Tomorrow maybe!

mammafairy said...

good one Di, I feel I could tackle a dresden more confidently now.. It is on my 'to do' list!

quiltmania said...

Great tutorial!

Shaz said...

Very good instructions, thanks Diane.