Sunday, 29 July 2012


....OH YES!! we have won a couple today... we may be a bit slow off the mark ... who cares xx they were wonderful to watch... I DO love the Olympics xx

NOW just a warning... I may be missing a bit over the next couple of weeks. From today Josh is here to stay for a couple of days... and nights.. Then I'm off to work, then Deb and Craig (parents of Blair... Sally's partner) come to visit from Australia.. then I have 3 nights out in a row.. then 2 days busy visiting, a study day... back to work for a rest THEN a retirement party!!! August is going to be BUSY xx

Josh put in a request to go to the pictures... so, we are just back from watching THE DARK NIGHT RISES .. we really enjoyed it .

Because of the madness that August is going to be ,when I was allocated my partner for the Christmas swap ( link on the side bar if you are interested x) I knew I had to get going!! So, this morning I pulled on the big girl pants and made my block... it will be in the post tomorrow x..

it is a simple block... but I LOVE it...

I hope my partner does too. I am so keen on it I am going to make another, and make it into a mug rug... think I will be well ahead of the game for Christmas this year xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Shaz said...

Congratulations England, well done!
Have a great August, sounds like you will be run off your feet! Relax and enjoy it all!

Amanda said...

Wow, what a busy time you're going to have. Have a great time.

Kelly said...

Super busy - have fun, well apart from when you are at work ;-) x