Friday, 27 July 2012


.. I decided to work on my Halloween block ... I can show you what I did for mine ...WHOO-HOO ... because it is mine! I promise to you show Celine's when I know she has received it xx

I just love the way this is coming together... I think we have both sort of lost sight of the size guidelines ... but hey... they are OUR work and we pay the postage xx

Today Josh (grandson no 1) came for tea, he was dropped off early and his choice was to go see granny and grandad and then take the dogs over the fields!!


They both found HUGE cow pats ... AND THEN Sam disappeared into a mud slide!!

You want to be glad smell is not available on here!! The car was RIPE!!!

They are now both bathed (under protest!!) ,smelling sweetly ...and fast asleep!!!

AH! The joys of pet ownership!

Getting ready to watch the Opening ceremony for The Olympic games xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Anonymous said...

Haha....I once had a dog, who loved the worse smelling spots you can think of :)
BTW I´ve tried to change my settings, but I don´t know if it works. Am I still a "no reply blogger"? You can always leave a comment at my blog.
Gun, Sweden

mammafairy said...

That halloween block is looking good!

glad the dogs are feeling up to draping themselves in cowpat!

Shaz said...

Your halloween quilt id going really well, it's spooky!
Poor boys, having to have a bath after they worked so hard to smell just right!!!

Podunkpretties said...

LOL!...Its not funny...LOL! Sorry

Janet said...

I've had dog adventures today too. They are worse than kids! Love how your Halloween piece is shaping up.

Michele said...

I like how your Halloween See Saw block is coming and NO this swap organizer will nto come after you for altering the sizes a bit. All is good. It is going to be fun to see them all finished.

Smimmymoo said...

Stinky pooches :)