Sunday, 29 November 2015

IT WAS....

.... Do-Your-Own-Thing day yesterday ... this..

...  is about as good as the weather got.. and as bright as the sky got! It POURED down all day. WELL you say .. you were inside ..OH YES! BUT the heating broke down (again)!!

We had 80 something squares , made by the members at Congleton for a charity quilt.... to organise ... SO being the Daft/Fool-hardy/brave (?) lot we are .. the coats hats scarves and gloves stayed on.. and organised they were!!!!

 NOW they have been taken home by a "volunteer" to be made into a top ready for long arm quilting x .. and for once the "volunteer " is not me xx

By the time we had finished the plumber had been .. it never got really warm but a few coats came off by the time it was home time xx

I made a panel (given to me by Maria ... ) into a baby quilt..

...just simple quilting and a fleece back x Very pretty though x The pictures are not wonderful .. but it is .. wait for it ... raining xx

Hope its dryer where you are x Im off to have dinner with the family so we will be warm INSIDE xx

Diane x


Gisela said...

Love the baby blanket, so much excitement coming your way. Give my luv to your parents.

Terry said...

Good for you to NOT be the volunteer! Cute panel and what excitement you have going on in your home!!!--Terry

kiwikid said...

Well done not to volunteer for this one!!! Been a sunny dayp today here, but the gusty north wind has come up in the last hour. skys though. quilt is lovely.

Maggi said...

Good to he's the you are not the only one who volunteers. Pity you didn't have the heating to offset what was a very miserable day. Love the baby quilt.