Monday, 16 November 2015


... ie .....the LONG and epic tale!.. of the front room may actually be coming to an end !! I KNOW! its hard to believe xx

The old carpet is dead and gone to the tip ... and a lovely young man called Chris is putting up wallpaper even as we chat here xx  

Tomorrow he will begin the mammoth task of painting ... I so admire anyone who can do this .. and as I live in a Victorian terrace and my ceilings are about 10 ft high  you need courage to try !.... I think half (if not more) of my problem is that I just find it soooooo boring! lol x

I went and chose a carpet.. oh yes! THEN came home and had a had a meltdown at the cost of it !!!... took me a while to recover I can tell you!!!!!!!!!!! I just keep telling my self it will last my lifetime .. and be worth the expense!... I again have the problem that my room does not meet the "standard" size of a room in the modern house so I need the "extra" bit to ensure that it fits .. mind you I would rather have my quirky odd shaped house than a modern one any day xx

I have decided that I WILL NOT let the dreaded GARTER stich  defeat me and so ... as the next shawl in my book is called GARTER LOVE you may guess what I have been doing! THIS..

is the result x I may just be getting there ...mind you the whole time I was making it I kept thinking .. this would look so nice in stocking stitch!! So guess what I am doing now..

... the dyer has names the colour Vampires Tipple which I just LOVE xx It is a super wash merino and nylon mix and I SOOO wish I could share the feel of it with you all .. it is soo soft I can barely feel it as it slips through my fingers x LOL x OOPS .. off to make a cuppa for the worker x

Diane x


Terry said...

I look forward to seeing your new carpet and paint!! The cost of replacement is staggering; but, truly worth every coin once it is done! That garter stitch shawl is beautiful as is your stocking stitch. I marvel at knitter's work! Enjoy the cuppa. You've earned it!!!--Terry

Dotty's Daughter said...

The shawl looks lovely. How lovely it will look, all super duper for Christmas and the visitors.xx

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Both your shawls look beautiful, I made myself a garter stitch shawl a few years ago and it has become my "go to" for all the time, it is just so comfortable and cosy, it is made in lovely yarn.
So I do love the garter stitch!!
Sounds like your refurbishment is going well, I can just imagine the cost - probably a cuppa and a good lie down would help! Can't wait to see the results though! Your home sounds lovely!

kiwikid said...

I am sure the new carpet will look spectacular...and you have a beautiful home!! Well worth doing the work so it is all set up for the next 20 years!! The shawl is beautiful, garter stitch is a fav of mine, but looks lovely both ways. Hope you kept the painter i tea!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

So Lovely to have high ceiling, I can touch ours in every room, but not because it's a quaint cottage - it's a naff 1960s semi built as cheaply as possible, including saving on a few rows of bricks that would have made it feel less claustrophobic!