Thursday, 3 December 2015

A CATCHUP...... last!! This week just seems to have been non-stop x

Monday I FINISHED my present buying ... oh yes xx ALL done .. most have been wrapped ...and those that are travelling have gone in the Post .. just one more and that's a UK parcel x...  GO ME xx

Tuesday I decided that... sit down if you are feeling delicate... that I REALLY should make an effort as I will be having house guests for a month ... SO I put life ,limb and various delicate parts of my anatomy under maximum strain AND great risk ... and hauled the Dyson up stairs and hovered!!.. I know if you are outside the UK you don't say you hoover .. but I do .. and Im too old, tired and cranky to change to-day xx lol x .. you all know what I mean x

THEN I continued down the stairs and into the back room ... that required a sit down to avoid an all out collapse!! .. before heading out to Congleton Quilt Group for the Christmas Party x I was so busy eating talking and drinking tea.. didn't fancy the punch Im afraid even if it was non-alcoholic .. it smelt funny to me ....that I forgot to take pictures! AND my camera stayed in the bag x 

Yesterday I went out for dinner with mum and dad and then took THEM to finish off their Christmas shopping x We are SO organised this year .. we should have visitors staying over every year xx And in the evening my son came for tea .

Today I took mum and dad shopping .. then dad to warfarin clinic !... are you getting a bit worn out? I am!

I was going to take pictures for you so that THE SAGA of the Front Room can come to a close .....  we have a carpet AND new furniture now .....HOWEVER.. when I got home at 2PM... notice PM! It was soooo dark even with all the lights blazing it doesn't do justice to the pretty colours .. so keep your fingers crossed for a bright day xx IT WILL HAPPEN xx .. or there will be pictures with the lights on! Hey-Ho x

SO... for the first time in days ... I sewed xx YAAAAAAA

I made my Christmas Swap Blocks for December ...

..... my partner and I for December are making each other 2 blocks ... I also made a little tree ornament to include in the parcel .. just because x

I will brave the rain and wind and take it to the Post tomorrow x

While I was waiting with dad in the warfarin clinic I started a new shawl .. I find they require very little brain power or effort .. and I can just push then into my bag when his name is called. I have this wool that is called RADIOACTIVE NEON..

...and my goodness it is! BUT it is FUN and sooo soft and I LOVE the colour in this wool... so I started using it (it is sock yarn ... hence the 2 balls .. I am alternating balls so that the gradient will run throughout)....

...I must admit that as I was knitting the colour kept reminding me of Brussels sprouts !!! They being the vegetable that this carnivore finds the MOST repulsive!! I hope that as the colour changes I will change my mind because otherwise it will be undone and put away!.. watch this space xx

If you managed to get this far.. well done x You deserve a brew .. just off to make one. If you visit now everywhere is clean tidy and dust free.. it wont last long though so hurry xx

Diane x


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Christmas shopping all done, house all ready - you can just be grandma when then get here!!!!!

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

I've just come across your blog & have been giggling to myself whilst reading your post. Well done on hauling your hoover upstairs - I managed to do half of mine before it got too much & gave up! xx

Ali Honey said...


kiwikid said...

Wow you have been megna busy!!! All that hoovering and up stairs!!!! You need some sewing days to get back to normal!! Good to hear the front room is done...looking forward to photos. Well done to be so organised!!!! Still doesn't really feel like Christmas to me.....maybe I need to get the tree supposed to be 33 deg C tomorow maybe that is the day to do it...or I might just go to the beach!!! :-) Love the Christmas blocks.

Terry said...

Diane, I am about mid-way through the Christmas shopping. I too have guests coming--but, just for a week. I have been slowly decluttering a closet; but, haven't made much progress because I think I still need MOST of all the stuff that is in there! I don't know how you accomplish all that you do! Do you actually sleep? Love the color of that wool!!!!--Terry

Maggi said...

Love your blocks and you are being a real domestic goddess at the moment. I reckon that if you put a sprout next to your shawl you will see that the colour is quite different - may save you having to undo it.