Saturday, 5 December 2015


.... that if I wait for the sun to shine it will be SUMMER before you get to see the front room! SO... with camera in hand I set off to...( BE WARNED .. there are quite a lot of pictures! ) least give you an idea of what has been accomplished so far ... (mm seems Gus crept in too x)


I think they came out pretty well x


The sharp eyed will have notice the HOLE behind the chair!! That is because the chair is "disguising" where the OLD fire was .. and the NEW one has not made it to yet!! .. will this never end you ask? Well yes .. soon xx lol x


I hope you can see the texture in these ..


WELL ...that gives you a look at least .. and maybe also gives you an idea of just HOW HIGH the ceiling is!!... and of course a better picture of the carpet... it is sort of browns and greens with grey .. nothing like it looks here xlol x 

I will have to take better pictures IF the sun ever returns to the North!! lol

I had these lovely ..

.. ornaments in the Post this morning from Maria ( we are swap partners this year x Makes me think .. I MUST get the decorations out of the cupboard !!... at some point xx

While I think of it .. Terry .. I do sleep .. usually when I fall comatosed into bed xx lol x

I am still working on the Brussels Sprout shawl .. I decided I would see if it got any better as it got bigger ... mm not really xx lol x

Stay safe .. we have howling winds to-day .. and all last night as well x.... cup of tea is best solution I feel x My grandson stayed over last night .. when I said .. hope the wind didn't keep you awake .. the answer was .. what wind? AH! to be 12 3/4.. lol x

Diane x


Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

Mmm the winds are howling here too, I don't like it when it comes down the chimney. Your sitting room looks great & all lovely for Christmas. I like the decorations that you received too x

Mad about Craft said...

What a lovely room!

JoZart Quilts said...

All that work was certainly worth it. It all looks amazing.... but now can you rent yourself out and come to organise mine? Please, .... pretty please.
Jo x

Julie Fukuda said...

Well, I envy you all that wall space. Very pretty ... sun or no.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Good grief those ceilings ARE high!!!! The room looks fab. Just six sleeps now?

Lorraine said...

Hi Diane, your room.looks great! After the BIG BUILD we have serious decorating to do to though with our ceilings being as high as yours I'm hoping to 'get someone in'. Lol. don't think it will be in time for Christmas though! Lx

kiwikid said...

Your room looks fantastic Diane. Well done!! Love the wall paper..not often used here but very popular in NZ when I was younger...was my Dads profession.. ..painting and paper hanging. The carpet looks good too...good to see Gus photo bombing!! Lol!! Aahhh the sleep of the innocent!!

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Love your front room! Looking really nice, that embossed wallpaper is great. Wallpaper is not that popular here in Oz either, though I did have some in my house when I was first married - never since! It must be almost time for your visitors to arrive - so lucky to have your room done for them. Have a wonderful Christmas with them.

Debra said...

Your front room looks beautiful Diane. I'm sure your visitors will love it...well Hallam may not be able to show his approval as he is only 7 weeks old ๐Ÿ˜Š They are so excited. I get a bit teary each time I think about you seeing Sally and our darling grandson...and of course my son ๐Ÿ˜€

Craig and I wish you all a wonderful time together. We're so happy for you all to be together.

Merry Christmas from Australia xxx

Maggi said...

Think you've done a really good job there. Everything so well coordinated.