Wednesday, 24 June 2015


.... to VOTE VOTE VOTE ... for me!! NO not really x ... you can view and vote for your favourite item on the Black Sheep Wools ( ) web site for your favourite item from the sewing bee xx

They have also put it up on Twitter and Pintrest .. I don't do them so cant help (sorry!) and Face book..

AND I have once again extended my birthday !! lol x Last night was Congleton Quilt group meeting .. Mary (who I give a lift to) and Sheila gave me these beautiful flowers..

plus a silly .. and very funny card...

We had a session with using Markal paints I have used them before so didn't do the session .. BUT I must have a neon sign on my head!! Because one of the ladies "gifted" me her sample ..

as she did not know what to do with it!!... why can I just not say NO!!!!!

I did not do the session but I did sew ...I put together this little cardigan..

after the MAMMOTH knit on Adams jacket I had forgotten how quickly these little ones are done x Just need some buttons ... mm wonder where I might find some xx lol

(just looked at the picture .. then at the cardigan ... I have missed the button hole in the bottom rib!!!  tp late as not undoing it .. so will think of a solution xx lol xx)

Diane xx


kiwikid said...

Hee hee!!! The word is NO!!!! You have to practise!!! Lol!! But having said that now doubt you will turn it into something amazing before the week is out!! That cardy is beautiful!!! This baby is going to be so well dressed!!! Good to hear your birthday is still going!!! Right I am off to vote!

Lorraine said...

Go Girl! stretch that birthday as far as it can go. Baby buttonholes are so fiddly, why don't you try 'fudging one in' I find that works quite well, a couple of well placed stitches can make a buttonhole where there didn't used to be one LOL (the hand of experience speaks here!!! :-)))

mammafairy said...

These birthdays just run on and on... But why not! If you try you may make it run all year?? maybe not...Nice cardi!

Maggi said...

You really do need to learn to say no! Just how long is this birthday going join for? Headed over to FB to vote, lovely boxes.