Sunday, 7 June 2015


... was achieved yesterday ... no workmen arrived so Sam was calm and the house was quiet and peaceful  xxxxxx

I made my Brit Bee block ..

I was going along OK and FOOLISHLY was congratulating myself because the size and pattern were working out really well... the gods were obviously listening .. because the final spine/ears/ sections came out short!!.. you can see on the pictures where I filled in!... SO I went to my stash and pulled out some greys .. close but not quite the same.. and made another block..

much better .... THEN I realised that there was PINK solid fabric in the bag Jane sent for a second hedgehog face and legs!! .. and I had used up the white and had none left to make a third one!!.. she is OK with getting 2 grey ones instead of a grey and a pink!! lol x just goes to show ... engage brain before starting!... I blame the workmen because I was going to work on them on Friday and they came and disrupted me .. and I left the pink in the bag!!.. works for me anyway xx lol x

NOW remember I told you I had a secrete ... well here is the reveal.. drum roll..

......on Wednesday I am going to Warrington to a shop called ..... NOW about EIGHT YEARS ago I took mum there because she was doing counted cross stitch and they sold threads as well as wool ... although I knew it was there I never went again!

THEN a couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from Leslie at the shop ... I had been recommended to her by 2 other bloggers as a potential participant in an event they were organising!! She had read my blog .. AND WANTED ME TO JOIN IN!!!!!! wow!

They have branched out into fabrics and have a dedicated project room .. the idea is to invite 5 bloggers along to sew a project ... its a MINI SEWING BEE .... pictures will be posted on their blog/shop site and the patterns will be put up as FREE downloads xx.. and also we will blog about it  to spread the word x (she had me at the point when she said they will FEED us while we are there!! lol x they have a café on site xx)

SO I discussed what to make with her .. they are providing fabrics etc .. and asked if I could have a go at putting the pattern down on paper ..THIS..

is where I am up to with that!!  BUT I have been making a hat for Adam to go with his Christmas jacket.. (its hard to photograph with out a victim .. oops volunteer .. as a model) ..


so I just HAD to work on that .. didn't I ?AND I  had to find a bag to put my knitting notions in .. they were rattling around my BIG knitting bag... this was one I got in a swap and it works great..

 .. Benta .. I am using the bag you sent me for the wool/pattern and needles for the hat.

I also had to find and print off the directions of how to get there ... it is 31.3 miles away .. and involves the M6 .. at 9am in the morning!!!!!!!OH MY!! for those outside the UK this is the busiest motorway in Europe and will involve the busiest part ... of ALL! Hey Ho.. I have been on it plenty of times ... so BIG GIRL knickers will be pulled on!!... it says it will take me aprox43 mins .. so we will see x

SO.... now I really have to go to..

and get something OUT of my head and ONTO the paper xx

Watch this space xx lol xx



Mad about Craft said...

Love the hedgehogs!

I was at Black Sheep Wools yesterday, I bought fabric for a EPP hexi quilt. you will love it!!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

How exciting! And I LOVE the hedgehogs (we used to have a pet one, Mr twig let!). So glad the bag is useful! Xxx

Jane said...

Love your hedgehogs, I can't see the problem. Oh and M6 in the morning - 43 mins plus an hour to crawl past Knutsford. Oh dear! Hope you have a good day. x

mammafairy said...

You will be fine! and we shall all have fun when we get there! I suspect Jo and I are the most local. Looking forward to it- and meeting you at last!

Jeneta said...

What an exciting post!! I love the hedgehogs and the hat looks great. And it goes without saying that I am looking forward to what you put down on paper.

kiwikid said...

LOVE the hedgehogs and they both look fine to me!!! The hat looks great too. Wow!!! That is a fantastic secret!!! Oh the M6 is scary and we were only on it at not peak time...but I am sure you will be fine!! How exciting!! Can't wait to see something on that paper!! Have a great time at the sewing bee!!

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Wow, this sounds really exciting for you, can't wait to see what you come up with!

The hedgehogs look gorgeous!