Friday, 26 June 2015


... using that "special" sewing technique of .... fudging and fiddling ... and now the little cardigan has buttons..

and an extra ..

WELL it works for me xx lol

The plan that I made for the knitting went "off" a bit because (I got distracted!! ) I made the cardigan ... BUT.. there is NOW a new occupant of the snake bag...

My son said ... "what is it?....." !!!!

I saw this little bee this morning ...

.......the news is always saying they are dieing out .. but they seem to be inhabiting my garden in BIG numbers ... I must keep my flowering plants going for them xx

I made the fish panel into the pocket..

of a little bag..

mmmm wonder if Chris will want to back now? lol xx

Diane xx


JoZart Quilts said...

lovely makes! The moss stitch gives the "croc"/"dinosaur"??? a perfect texture. The fabric on the fish bag too is ideal.
I too see to have more bees then ever, I am pleased to say.
Last night I was sitting making decorations.... I wonder why?
Have a good weekend with no doubt more birthday treats.
Jo x

Sharyn Baldwin said...

Your crocodile has personality +++! Love the bag!

Mad about Craft said...

You've been busy again!

quiltmania said...

The little sweater is adorable. Love the snap on the bottom, no worries of it hanging open.

kiwikid said...

What a fantastic distraction!! Love it!! Nice touch with the flowers on top too!The little cardy is so cute, good idea with the snap fastener on the bottom. Good to see the bees, we are told the same here, that they are dying out....there seem to be horrible bee diseases about that wipe out the whole hive which is a bit sad. I love to hear the bumble bees...not here but in NZ...they are like the B52's of the bee world!! Lol!! The fish looks amazing, and love the interesting to see if Chris wants it back...maybe she can buy it from the stall??? Lol!!

mammafairy said...

You have a lovely flower croc there! How could anyone not know! ( lol)

And the cardi would work for me too! I like a popper to keep that bottom corner neat!

And yes, the Fish may well be wanted back again... Good use!

Maggi said...

Good solution for the cardigan. It looks so pretty. Amazing what you can make look really good from what was an unpromising fish. A greta bag.