Thursday, 29 May 2014


.. a miserable pup..

the last couple of days ..( have you noticed when you DONT want them in a picture ..they wont leave! when you DO want a picture they become shy!!) Sam has pulled his shoulder .. he is a bouncy .. jumpy little dog .. so who knows how he did it! He has been restricted and kept in for a couple of days ...that was fun! trying to stop him jumping ...and leaving behind a sulky dog when we went out for a walk!  and now ..

 ... he is back to normal xx Gus?

he's fine xx

To-day I have been playing with fabric xx OHH! my idea of fun x The Queen Bee for June in the British Stash Bee is on holiday so has sent her fabrics out early..

she wanted us to improvise and make a 8 1/2 in block. NO RULES! I was not sure about this ... BUT I have had fun x First off I made some strips ..

then I sewed them together..

THEN I nailed my courage to the mast and cut it apart!!!!!! ... and sewed it back together again...

NEXT .. I sewed all the bits left over together ..

and once again cut it up .. and sewed it back together ..

SO .. blocks are made and ready to go home in the post x

 Tomorrow I am going to play some more and have a go at my pearl challenge for Congleton quilt group

I was shopping this morning and ALL THE WAY round I could smell bacon coming from the café!! SO...

YES I gave in and had bacon butties for dinner xx A good day all round x

Hope you get to play today xx

Diane x


mammafairy said...

Your blocks look beautiful, Di.

And those dogs look ready for some fun!

quiltmania said...

Great idea for your blocks. I just might have to borrow it! Glad your pup is feeling better. Nobody likes a sulking dog.

Julie Fukuda said...

Those blocks are so bold and very unique. I would never have thought of that in a hundred years.

Jeneta said...

Your improv blocks are fabulous!

kiwikid said...

Love the blocks - you did well!!
Glad your pup is feeling better, nothing worse than a sulking dog!! Good luck with the pearl block!

Sharyn Baldwin said...

I hope that poor Sams' shoulder is all better. Poor boy, having to stay home when everyone else went out! No wonder he sulked - he had good reason :):) your blocks are fabulous, it's fun to step outside the box ocasionally, isn't it?

Maggi said...

Glad to hear that Sam has recovered. Your blocks are gorgeous.

Amanda said...

Poor Sam. It's just the same with children isn't it, we feel so helpless when they're feeling sorry for themselves and they just don't understand why we can't make them feel better.