Tuesday, 13 May 2014


... project really has my interest because I think about it ALL THE TIME!!!! ... that is what I am like at the moment with the bag swap x ... even though I don't know HOW I came to be doing it .. as I am DEFINATLY cutting back on my swaps this year!! lol x ..it is at the front of my brain all the time .

I have decided to go with this  ..

...pattern as it offers MOST of the requests from my partner (this is a blind swap so she does NOT know who is making her bag xx .. nor me for that matter!)... but needs TWEEKING a little x ... I think patterns are like recipes .. take the bits you like .. swap it around and make it your own xx

I find that when I am walking the boys ..


I can work out the details of whatever I am chewing on ... be it a pattern .. or just life!! xx

I made a bag .. more or less .. like the pattern..


..it is sort of OK .. but needs a few refinements .. going to my mate Sue for her new grandson x

SO THEN I made another one ...(bit bigger this time )..


....this is closer to what I want .. still not completely RIGHT x This is going to my daughter (Sally) to use when she goes swimming as it is roomy x .. and has used up A LOT of my owl scraps .... and YES she does like owls!! lol x

SO off to walk the dogs somemore ... they love it xx...and work out those final "quirks" xx

Hope you have a good way to work out your problems xx

Diane x


kiwikid said...

Love the bags Diane - I find the same when I walk the dog, ideas just seem to happen, maybe 'cos I give it a little quiet??

Just Sew Sue said...

So instead of making one bag, you're making three. That's not really cutting back. :) Love the fabrics though. Got to love a good bag pattern.

Sharyn Baldwin said...

I liked all 3 bags - what was wrong with them? I'm afraid I would be crazy after just doing 1, let alone 3!!

Maggi said...

Love the bags and it's great that you can send them somewhere where they will be a appreciated as you perfect your design.