Friday, 9 May 2014


.... have been a bit busy ...SO... if you are ready for a read then get a cuppa ...or whatever!!.. and settle in x

I finished a quilt for my friend ... who has her FIRST grandchild ...

a little boy xx AND I made a quilt for a girl I used to work with..

she wanted a longer quilt for use in the car .... and she brought me a fleece to use on the back .. which is fine .. but its WHITE!! can you tell she is a first time mum? lol x glad I wont have to wash it xx

It was Congleton (Beartown) Quilt group on Tuesday .. the group is 30 years ( PEARL )old this year and so a challenge has been issued xx We all have a piece of muslin and a button ...

THINKING CAP ON xx watch this space xx

I was in the latest Quilting Gallery swap ... and I heard from my partner that her mug mats have arrived...

..... in Australia x The next challenge will be up soon x

Last night was Quilt group in Sandbach... remember last month the challenge was hexagons  these are some of the results..

the ladies did SOOO well x (the grey at the front on the first one is a scalf with hexagons sewn onto it xx)

They have a respite this month .. then next month ITS BACK TO CHALLENGES xx

We had Amanda Hall ( ) to speak to us last night x She was great .. the meeting should finish at 9.30pm .. 9.50pm we were still going xx Remember I told you  I joined a bag swap? I thought I would look for ONE pattern..

AH WELL! there were SO many I left behind!! lol x

I have my ticket for ..

I LOVE this show .. it is big enough to be fun and interesting .. small enough to not be overwhelming x I JUST might get to buy a small piece of fabric xx

Well done if you made it to the end with me xx ..... off to have a cuppa . Hope you have a fun day x

Diane xx


ga447 said...

Isn't it amazing how time goes so fast when you are having fun. I am so glad you are enjoying your retirement. I know it makes me very very happy.

rachel addison said...

might see you there, Di, I may be lucky enough to go... we shall cross fingers and hope!

Kate said...

My you've been busy. Great work!

Sharyn Baldwin said...

What on earth will you do with a piece of muslin and a button!! Looking forward to that one!
You have been a busy bee - it makes you wonder how you had time to work, doesn't it?

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

the quilts are lovely, the hexies ladies sis a great job, I'm intrigued what you can do with fabric and a button, and I'm exhausted after reading your post!!!!!

kiwikid said...

Love the quilts Diane and the hexies, but then I am a bit partial to hexies!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the button and fabric. Love the postcards too!

Maggi said...

Love your quilts and all the hexagons. Monkey Button bag patterns are irresistible. Your mug mats are going to be soo enjoyed.

Enjoy Malvern. I am going to give it miss this year owing to a new feline in the family, pity as I do enjoy it there.