Thursday, 22 May 2014


... I was baking .. and had a thought .. that I am sure is not original... that baking and sewing are so similar ... BOTH take an assortment of items .. mix them to-gether .. and produce something wonderful...HOPEFULLY anyway !! lol xx

This morning I made apple (bananas not ripe enough .. and I had some apple puree over) bread..

...and to-night I am not sewing .. BUT I am pulling together an assortment of items that hopefully will give you something interesting to read xx

I forgot to show you this ..

mums birthday cake .. yummy and sadly just a memory ..on the hips!!.. now xx

A girl I used to work with is having a baby in October .. I asked her if she wanted a quilt .. and the answer was .. can I have one of those bags with pockets to use as a baby bag? ... well they are quicker to make .. I can use scraps ... and she asked nicely xx So ..


I made her a bag xx

I also thought it was time I made one for me.....


... I have decided what to do for the bag swap..... will post sneaky peek pics when ready xx

When I got home yesterday There was a parcel on the mat.. it was the lovely mug mats from my partner in Australia xx .. and some lovely "extras" for me to play with x

I have something to read through the post to-day..

...some tempting items in ..AGAIN xx

I am STILL searching for those blades... and in the search I have found things .... some I didn't know were missing! One of these was a piece of embroidery ....

I decided to make it into a cushion ....

... as I have lots of stitches on my machine that I NEVER use I also decided to use some of them on the cushion ..


NOW I am wondering ...WHY .. didn't I use them before? .. He-He .. must remember to use them again xx

I hope it worked and that you DID have something interesting to read x

Diane x 



Maggi said...

I hadn't thought of the connection between baking and sewing before but you are right.

Lovely bags and I really like your cushion. You're going to enjoy using those mug mats too.

Did you make your mum's cake?

Barb and Sharon said...

Love the pillow idea. Great thing to do with orphan blocks. Not sure if I can do it though Poppy likes to eat pillows. A bag perhaps?

kiwikid said...

Wonderful bags!! Love them! Stitchery is beautiful too.