Tuesday, 2 July 2013


...I was happily ignoring the fact that I am Queen Bee for Stash Hive #4 in October ....THEN I opened an e-mail marked "important".... and suddenly I am Queen Bee for JULY!!!!!!!!!

SO... some quick thinking had to go on... AND quick making of sample blocks!!

OH WELL! I do like a challenge xx lol x

I had LOTS of blocks in my head .. but which one to choose? AND why that one?

I though back to a conversation with Sally (daughter) when she reminded me that Blair (her partner) is always moaning about "OTHER" people getting quilts ..and stuff.. from me .. but not him!.. he also moans that I mention everyone else but not him on a regular basis!! As they live in Australia I don't have to listen to the moaning TOO much!

SO.. I decided I would kickstart his quilt project and get the ladies in the Bee to contribute blocks for his quilt ... see I CAN work under pressure xx lol xx

So off to the sewing room I went .. now I have LOTS of scraps .. and I love a scrap quilt ..so, I made a GREEN block..

and a BROWN block..

 a PURPLE block and a GREY block...

TO-DAY I made a BLUE block..

I recon at this rate I will soon have enough to actually make him a quilt xx

Keep smiling

Diane x


Kelly said...

Love the block choice!

Maria said...

Log Cabin is one of my favourite blocks. I am sure your blocks will make a great quilt.

Julie Fukuda said...

Can't go wrong with a log cabin and there are so many ways to put it all together too.

Jane in Wales said...

Wow! You just shake them out of your hat!!!

Debra said...

He'll be so happy Diane. He does love a moan!! :-) (For those of you who don't know, I can have a little dig at him, he's my son). The blocks look terrific and the colours too.

The Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair was on a few weeks ago and I went to a short 20 min workshop on Colour run by Reece Scannell. He designs and produces some wonderful fabrics. One of the interesting things he said was that every quilt should have yellow in it, even if you don't like yellow. It only has to be a touch. He showed many examples of quilts with only mid colour tones or only highlights etc then showed some with the full range of dark, mids & lights and of course they sing with the full range. I had learnt these design rules years ago but it was so good to be reminded and it gets you thinking differently about what you have been doing. We can all get into ruts with colours we love or conceptions we have in our heads. So, I am beginning to look at things with a slightly different eye ....I hope :-)

I've met Reece a number of times and he is a fun person with a great eye for design and colour. I have a piece of his that I am working on, along with any number of other projects of course!! here is a link (or copy the line and paste into your browser) to some information on him http://www.intocraft.com.au/2013/07/reece-scannell-on-colour/

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

got to love a log cabin quilt!!!!

Blair said...

if you say moan once more I will ask you for one of the difficult patterns