Tuesday, 30 July 2013


...... when I am working on a project that I REALLY like/love then I find myself not only working on but THINKING  about that project... A LOT x .mmm . is this just my OCC coming out ?

That is where I am with Blair's Blocks ... as you may have guessed x

As the blocks are rolling in.. 5 more today xx.. I don't want to make any more until I see how many and what colours will be needed x SO, I have been thinking about a border to finish it off... I KNOW.. as if it is not going to be BIG anyway xxx

SO... I started making blocks ... and accumulating..

well the blocks have to be squared up! The blocks..well I have a few...

I am soo enjoying this quilt xx... off to make some more flying geese..

Keep smiling

Diane x


Ali Honey said...

That's how it should be - loving what you are making. I wonder if it shows in the end result which ones we love and which ones we are not so sure about?
( I have one in each category at the moment )

mammafairy said...

Oh, so good to be in love with your project. Keep flying along there!

Maggi said...

Ha ha, you and your flying geese! Glad that you are loving this project.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Oh what a great plan for the border!