Monday, 15 July 2013


.. a lovely weekend here in my corner of Cheshire..(hopefully in your corner of the world as well x). I have continued with making Blairs Blocks...I'm going to have to find a bigger bit of floor soon x..

and in between sitting under the umbrella and enjoying the wonderful sunshine I painted the woodwork in the hall,stairs and landing ... OF COURSE there was a little help!..

WHY Sam feels he has to join in I don't know! He is too small to be a zebra! mind you camouflage was mentioned! lol x

My youngest grandson had his 8 th birthday..

the cake was VERY nice .. VERY rich ..but, nice xx

BOTH mum and dad seemed to be unable to keep their eyes open!... (must have been the cake xx)..


he is growing up so fast , time just ticks away xx mind you don't know how I have a son old enough to have 2 growing up fast sons!! lol x


Keep smiling

Diane x


Sue B said...

Happy birthday to your grandson. I feel like that, I have 7 grandchildren now, and I dont fee old enough to have any

DaisyChain said...

You seem to have packed a lot into your weekend and in this heat too! Your quilt if lovely - can't wait to see it finished. x

Julie Fukuda said...

Those blocks are really looking great ... and the family too! Wonderful smiling birthday-boy.

Janet said...

Love your log cabin quilt! Happy birthday to the 7 year old.

the running hare said...

Gosh, painting in this heat! Your quilt is very striking and love the family photos. Your grandson is at that lovely age-Happy birthday to him.

Kate said...

That quilt is looking awesome. Hope your summer is/stays wonderful.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

The quilt and the family all look great!!!