Wednesday, 5 June 2013


....quilt group in Congleton, it was "speaker night" ... and what a great night it was too x We had a lady called Katie Chaplin from . She talked about her passion ... Japan... and what a passion it is for her x

She showed us how to dress "dolly" in a traditional kimono..

and answered ALL our questions without batting an eyelid x I will not be wearing that costume ... EVER! So much work and effort! Did look spectacular though x

There was fabric to buy also ... I was VERY good and did not spend! I know! BUT really I have SO much already and while I do like it I can say I don't really LOVE it

Keep smiling

Diane x


Julie Fukuda said...

Good decision all around. The only thing I can think of when wearing a kimono is, "how much longer before I can take it off".

Michele said...

Those things have a ton of pieces! But they are gorgeous.