Saturday, 1 June 2013


... with me having to wash Sam ...YES he found a VERY smelly and disgusting SOMETHING to roll in on our walk this morning.... I knew it could only get better x

We had a Do-Your-Own-Thing day with Beartown (Congleton) quilt group. I love these days ... lots of opportunity to see what every one else is doing.. and tea and biscuits ... and the chance to catch up xx

To-day we also had sunshine ... and a wedding in the church opposite to keep us distracted xxx

this is the church across the road ...

I also came home with this..

It is piping for when making bags or on cushion edging...

AND it was FREE xx (it looks a funny colour in this picture! but it is pale pink xx)

Keep smiling

Diane xx

1 comment:

mammafairy said...

Pretty church, and a very useful bring home!

I am sure you will get it used in no time!