Tuesday, 4 June 2013


... what I am working on to-day... because it is my MYSTERY-Round-Robin for June ... I cannot believe this is the LAST round! WHERE did that time go?.. mind you I can hardly believe it is JUNE!!

SO... what I will share is some of the blooms that the recent weather has encouraged to come out in my garden...

WHO left the prop there!! He-He xx



NOT very sunny yet... but then it is only 07.10!! Hope you enjoyed the morning stroll

Keep smiling

Diane x


Maggi said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous. Bright sun in a cloudless blue sky here since at least 5am!

Debra said...

The garden is looking very lovely Diane. The peony, magnolia and rhodi are gorgeous. Enjoy your beautiful Spring/Summer as we head into Winter. SO far it has been mild with some rain and a number of beautiful clear sunny days. We don't get frosts here thank heavens. We're heading to my home town Sat week and I'm sure it will be a lot colder there. Please give birthday greetings to Caroline and Adam. Gee you're a lot of your birthdays are close, Sally next then you.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I want to see the mystery round robin - how long until the reveal?

mammafairy said...

Lovely garden shots. Lovely season.