Thursday, 14 June 2012


...saying hello to Sue today... she is joining us as a follower, and hopefully will stay a while xx

I did get some sewing done today.

I AM SOOOO EXCITED! I don't know if you already know this ... BUT... I found this way to make half square triangles , that is SOOOO easy!!

The link I found it at is .. I don't know if Elizabeth came up it herself ... but it is brilliant!

You take 2 squares of fabric... right sides together and sew all round the edge..

Then cut in half twice on the diagonals... and you have 4 half square triangles!!...

SO easy I could not believe it! xx

When trimmed to size they went towards making this..(it will eventually become a table runner)

YES RED is the colour for June.. I have just been a bit slow posting!

It was quilt group in Sandbach to night . I took a cake for my birthday.. forgot to get a picture before I went.. and we ate it all!! Whoops x

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Shaz said...

Yes, that is a wonderful way to make half square triangles!
Red is my favourite colour, now you have encouraged me to make table runner next!

Annabelle said...

Loving the red and thanks for the tip.

mammafairy said...

Happy Birthday to you! I am not sure which day your birthday lands on, But have a great one!

That is an easy way to make HSTs, just need the math to get them right!