Friday, 22 June 2012


...of years ago, Congleton quilt group organised a block exchange between our group, and a group in Grafton ,NSW ,... (Australia). It ran for 10 months and had 2 groups with 10 ladies in each group. I had an extra  block because I knew the co-ordinator (in Australia), and I made the block I sent each month... in my colours.... so I had 12 blocks. They went together so well it almost made itself... ( I will post pictures tomorrow), the resulting quilt hangs on the wall in my back room ...and I truly love it x

THEN it was decided to extend the project and swap groups ... so that we got different blocks. This time I just had the 10 blocks. I have been looking at those blocks for 18 months! I could NOT decide what to do with them... then yesterday I just KNEW what to do!.... so I have been working away and NEARLY have the top made xx...

 As you know I got distracted and made another quilt top! With the blocks we all got some Australian fabric...some pieces and a fat quarter.... it was the fat quarter I was going to use in the borders... then I changed my mind. These are the fabrics I have left,,,

AND this is my quilt top..

The brown is the Australian fabric..

The colours don't show so well because it is POURING down so I had to take the picture inside..

Hope you get inspired and know what to do with a W-I-P

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Judith Blinkenberg said...

You always inspire me Diane. Love the quilt and the backing is such a striking difference, how wonderful.

mammafairy said...

You have enjoyed yourself there! Lovely Australian fabrics too!

Indianna said...

Wow what a good idea for an exchange. I love the way a lot of australian designs combine embroidery with fabric too.