Thursday, 31 May 2012


...we stood at the end of the road

the rain came down

but we stayed where we were

the police came past....LOTS of them

then the buses

and the the touch

he was FAST

the rain was cold .. but hey.. we wont see it again (the torch that is not the rain!!)

the kids loved it .. there were speeches out side the Municipal buildings and there is to be a show of sorts outside the Railway station (we are a Railway town after all!)
I'm smiling after my little contact with the torch

Diane xx


sweetypie said...

dont you just love it all!!!

Anonymous said...

In 1994 the winter OS were in Lillehammer, Norway. The olympic tourch arrived first to Stockholm, before it went to Norway. The tourch was passing through the town where I was living and I was out watching it.
OMG that´s 18 years ago.......Time flies!
Gun, Sweden

quiltmania said...

Glad you enjoyed your day, even if it did rain a little!

Podunkpretties said...

So fast he was almost a blur!..LOL

Karen O said...

What a special thing to see! Something I doubt I will ever see unless I move somewhere else. I am excited for the London Olympics - as much for the extra stuff as the sports. My few days in London were divine.

Gisela Suski said...

Love seeing the torch, such excitement brewing over the pond. My computer must have had a glitch I had 93 blog emails and all of yours and my other followers finally popped up.