Tuesday, 22 May 2012


...we had notification that the broadband in our area had been "updated " and would be  EVEN BETTER.... NOW, we had a service that was reliable and consistent... and worked. The NEW Improved system is..... UNreliable... INconsistent... and keeps stopping... that's progress I suppose!!

NEVER MIND... I,m back xx

I am off to quilt group in Congleton tonight... SO.. a few pictures of the garden, and then when I get back an up date on The Malvern show, what we did for mums 81st birthday.. and sewing done recently! PHEW!!

Of course that is if the NEW system is working lol xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


DaisyChain said...

Look forward to seeing pics from Malvern

Josie said...

Why do they have to fix things that are working perfectly! It's enough to make you scream. Your garden is looking lovely. Way ahead of ours up in the frozen north. Look forward to seeing your Malvern pics... never been there.

Smimmymoo said...

I did wonder why you'd not been on much.