Friday, 25 May 2012


today I thought I would share some BLUE... we have had some of this the last few days..

how wonderful to have BLUE skies, and warm weather xx

This little house was made a couple of years ago, as part of Sandbach quilt group Block-Of-The-Month....

I would not mind living in a little house that looks like this x

This wall hanging was a spur of the moment make...

I was just using up scraps..

it hangs at the top of the stairs... and makes me smile each time I pass it.... just shows what can be done with scraps xx

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Love the blue sky and little birdhouse:).

Shaz said...

Nice to see the blue sky-we could do with some of that down here !

Janet said...

You actually made blue look like a cheerful colour! We have had very little blue sky here so also envying yours.

quiltmania said...

Don't you just love how a quilt makes you smile!