Thursday, 24 May 2012


.... to post a tutorial of how to do Congleton quilt group mystery make xx Here goes

You start with 2 squares... any size as long as they are square... these are 12.5 ins

place right side together... and put on top of square of wadding (same size)

sew round leaving gap to turn through

cut off corners

turn and sew up gap top stitch all round edge

fold into triangle

measure and mark 1/4 of way in (this came out at 16 ins so 4 inches in from each edge)


turn the corners over and make a bag

turn down the top edges

you can turn inside out and not have so much of a contrast

add a button to close

Ta-Da!! you can make them ANY size as long as you start with a square

Have fun

Diane xx


Catherine said...

That looks fun - my daughter wants to make one!

DaisyChain said...

Great tutorial - well explained.

Kelly said...

Very cool tute!

Pat said...

Really cute and a great tutorial.

Debra said...

Terrific Di. Well explained and a great little project.

Podunkpretties said...

What a neat idea! Thanks!

Annabelle said...

Great idea and a lovely, easy to follow tutorial. I so love these simple makes that can be made up in no time at all. Thanks.

Smimmymoo said...

I'm very proud :) well done x