Tuesday, 24 April 2012


.... I had a size in mind, this was dictated by a piece of wadding that I found in my stash xx

SO... when it came to putting borders on ....WHY.... did I make it TWICE the size of the wadding?

NO I don't know either!! x

OH WELL! I have a piece of wadding that will come in useful...later x

NOW I have to think about the backing...YES I have a piece that would have fitted with NO joining lol x Not tonight though... I am off to quilt group in Congleton, first one after the Easter break

Keep smiling

Diane xx


mammafairy said...

That is just beautiful. All the little owls are super! And the fresh feel of it with the colour palette you have chosen. Very clever design.

Annabelle said...

Now this is my colour! Lovely stuff Diane.

Kelly said...

It looks fab though!!

Debra said...

Here's a hint that works just as well for quilting as it does for building and carpentry "Measure twice - cut once". Haven't we all done that Di? No matter, you'll sort it I know. xxx