Monday, 16 April 2012


... really interferes with my sewing!! OH well, its what allows me to have the money to do it...SO no more moaning xx

I had this in the post today...

so a little light reading after tea for me, WHY is PINK following me around this month? lol

My magnolia is coming along lovely..

mind you the forecast is for cold, wind and April showers... so fingers crossed, it is in a sheltered corner x

This little wall hanging was made a couple of years ago..

as part of a block of the month at Congleton quilt group... MORE PINK! 

 Keep smiling

Diane xx


Podunkpretties said...

Pink! Funny the quilt I'm putting the binding on is pink!

Mad about Craft said...

I totally agree! especially when I've just changed my job and will be working 50-60 hours a week until I'm on top of things.

quiltmania said...

Pink is everywhere, you just been ignoring it up till now!