Thursday, 19 April 2012


...when I went shopping I spent some time talking to a friend of mine, during the conversation she  told me how she cleans her WHOLE house EVERY day!!! Now I fully admit to being of those ... who HATES housework, and I rush through it so that I can do other things .... but EVERY DAY!! she needs a hobby! Made me want to sew EVEN MORE than usual xx

I finished off the baby quilt...( waited for the rain to stop so that I could photograph it out side!! I gave up and took the picture INSIDE xx) 

just simple zig-zag quilting along the lines of the pattern..

It can go across the banister to await the next request xx

I also started a new project, I was asked if it is possible to make a bumper for a cot... you know that goes around and ... SUPPOSEDLY ... stops the baby banging its head, and, keeping out drafts xx

Will show you tomorrow how I get on.... I call it designing... really I am playing with fabric lol xx

I noticed to day that quite a few of the "thank you" notes I have received recently are PINK... what IS going on around here ? lol x

Keep smiling

Diane xx


Judith Blinkenberg said...

I don't like to clean either! I'd rather sew. Love your websight!

Ali Honey said...

I wonder what she means by clean? I would think it is a physical impossibility to"clean" the whole house everyday unless she lives in a cupboard or doll's house.

Sew on!

mammafairy said...

I am not sure about cot 'bumpers' When I had my children we were advised quite strongly against them- the thinking was that if they were tied, baby could wind fingers in/ strangle themselves, or anyway press their little faces in and suffocate!
Not convinced about either of those, but it stopped me using one!

Debra said...

When Blair was little I did lots of sewing courses and sewed lots of things, my clothes, some of Blair's and home items etc. Many people were flabbergasted when they asked me how I found time to sew with a small child (I was also a single parent) because I told them I left the washing up until the next day or left other things until I had finished what I was making. As I was a mother who worked oputside the house to earn a living for us both, the only time I had to myself was in the evenings after Blair had gone to bed so I sewed my heart out and washed up in the morning. I felt a lot better for it done this way as I have alwawys found such satisfaction in sewing and crafts.

I can't wait until we have moved into the new house & I can get all my fabrics and wools together and get going.

I think you have the answer to this ladies problem really...she cleans the HOUSE not the HOME.

Annabelle said...

Clean every day - the mind boggles - apart from hygeine issues there is not much cleaning goes on round my house. Much more fun to be had doing just about anything! xx

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Cute baby quilt! And as someone who loves pink, I've gotten a chuckle out of your post about noticing pink:).

Amanda said...

I like to be able to see the difference after I've done the housework, so it gets done only when it really needs doing. I remember my mother-in-law agreeing with me when my first child was born, though my own mother didn't, when I said that there were far more important things to do, like playing with the baby or cooking something tasty, or just having a rest.

Podunkpretties said...

Whole house everyday, nonsense! Way to busy making dust in my sewing room. I give it a quick run through and save it for another day.

Michele said...

The baby cute really turned out adorable. And I so know how work cramps ones style. I'd much rather be home sewing too.