Wednesday, 13 December 2017


... my friend and I braved the cold and snow and took ourselves to Congleton for the Beartown Quilt Group Christmas party. To our surprise they had LESS snow than us .. which is the opposite of what normally happens x

NORMALLY I would have pictures to share .. guess where my camera was ? OH YES safe at home!!! Sometimes I wonder where my brain is!! lol x

There was LOTS of yummy food x a quiz .. our team of 3 got 22 out of 30 .. not bad we thought lol x A raffle .. no wins for me this year .. never mind x 

THEN it was time for the raffle of the blocks with the challenge fabric ... I have "won" blocks before .. and did my best NOT to do the same this time!!! BUT NO SUCH LUCK!!!! 

Hey-Ho .. they are not too bad..

...and I have until next years party to come up with a FINISHED project with them xx

The latest shawl is finished...

.. it is lovely and sooo warm x

Hope you are all keeping warm and safe x It is raining here this am .. OH YES the snow is going ..... but OH NO... it is forecast for frost tonight .. we are never happy with the weather are we !

Diane x


Terry said...

Your knitting projects always amaze me. I think your fingers must be like a mechanical loom as you complete so many projects so quickly!!! Do your fingers knit while you sleep??? :) Sounds like a fun party and just whatever will you do with those "gifted" blocks??? I look forward to your reveal!

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

We only really had one day of snow, thank goodness! I love it on a day off but not on a work day thank you very much!

How does the challenge raffle work? We always like new ideas at our group!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours