Sunday, 24 December 2017


... need any of the hints and tips that I have acquired this last week ... BUT ... just in case...

AFTER .. your grandson helps out by tying your shoe laces just a bit too loose ..  so that they come undone in the middle of the supermarket ....and your son re-ties them so tightly you feel as if your toes have lost their blood supply .... DITCH the lace-ups and find a pair of slippers/shoes/sandals .. anything that you can slip on !!

WHEN ... the family try to help you on/off with your coat they DONOT want to bump your arm ... SO find your biggest coat.. or borrow one from a bigger person .. do it up .. and put it on over your head ... IT WORKS!

BE PREPARED... that all the "things" you normally use will be on your wrong side eg. toilet-roll holders .. bed side light switch .. you can get round it .. just a bit of lateral thinking will do it xx

YOU WILL DISCOVER.. just how many of your trousers do up on your wrong side! However that cardigan that went all baggy but you could not bring yourself to throw away will be PERFECT to fit over the back-cast x

TRY to remember when others share their slip/trip/fall/broken bone story.. its the first TODAY time for them!! Remember you now have a story to share and bore others with x lol x OH! .. and the Humerus/funny bone jokes ..are NOT funny when it is you!!

CARRYING around what feels like a concrete block the plaster-of-paris back-slab EXHAUSTING .. so rest and keep it elevated x

Mind you .. when cutting cabbage for coleslaw the weight of the dammed thing on the knife makes it go through like butter and heat xx..

I had to get a bigger pot as it turned out to be easier than I thought !!

YOUR FAMILY will worry and tell you what you CANNOT DO .... SO wait until they go home to discover what you CAN do xx ... what they don't know wont hurt them xx

This morning this beautiful flower arrangement arrived ..

it was courtesy of some of the Australian family members xx THESE are the things that cheer you/me up xx 

Have a wonderful Christmas x

Diane x


Terry said...

When I broke my arm (I was 10), I had similar learning experiences. Luckily, I'm left handed and I broke my right arm so I could still do school work. You are so right about trying to find clothing that will fit over all that plaster and so right about how heavy that darn cast is too. I hope you heal faster than is predicted and your back to your normal soon. You are doing amazing well with all the adaptations! Merry Christmas to you too!

Vireya said...

Happy Christmas! Hope your sense of humour stays intact through it all.

Julie Fukuda said...

When it is all over, the stories you remember will be funnier and funnier. (and the advice, even more relevant. Have a great holiday in spite of the challenges.

kiwikid said...

So good to see you are still living with your sense of humour!! We all want to help and we all have stories, sadly!! Lol!! Sounds like a lot of very good advise to me there....not that I am planning a break any time soon, too much beach time to be enjoyed!! The flowers from the Aus family are beautiful. Look after yourself.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Oh my Gosh - so many things to think about - I've never broken anything - lets hope I can keep it that way!!! Hope you all had s fab Christmas, and wish you all the best for 2018 xxx

Janice Smith said...

Thank you, Diane, for all the helpful tips. :-) I pray that I will never have to use them!

Happy Boxing Day!

Debra said...

OMG Diane! I hadn't read your blog for a little while and didn't get any info through other channels. I empathise with your pain and troubles. Yes, my story...fractured vertabrae L1, 3 months in a plaster body cast. Thankfully they decided to attach big pieces of foam over my shoulders, attached to the plaster, to hold it off my then boney hips. I was 18. So, here's the funny bit, when they took the plaster off I had no boobs left, just a pair of nipples :-) They had wasted away under the cast but grew back of course to their then normal B cup. Oh what times does, I'm now an F!

So pleased to see the flowers arrived and they do look lovely. I like the container. I went for something a litle different this year. Good to hear that the family is rallying even if you are feeing molly coddled. :-) It must be great to have James around for a while too. Ihope you all enjoyed your Christmas together. We skyped with B, S and H during Christmas morning and H just looked fantastic in the Spiderman outfit A sent him.

Take good care of yourself dear friend. I hope you are sewing again soon, although I assume you have damaged your most useful arm.

All our love and healing thoughts to you from both of us here xoxo