Friday, 15 December 2017


.. dark and POURING with rain last night .. and COLD!! BUT .. that did not deter the ladies of Sandbach Sew-and-Sews Quilt group x It was the Christmas party WOOOO-HOOOO x

LOTS of food was brought..

LOTS of present were swapped..

there was a quiz... I was even worse than Tuesday!!! NO brain power left! lol x

The food was eaten .. the swap went well .. there was a lots of laughing and talking x A lovely night was had by all xx

This is the present I bought home...

To-day is cold and occasionally wet .. James (grandson no.2) arrives from Australia this weekend ..SO NO SNOW please Mr Weatherman!! ( .. at least until AFTER his plane lands!! lol x)

Keep warm and safe

Diane x 

ps. forgot to show you the lovely card I received last night ..



Terry said...

Gosh, that tree is super cute! Looks like it was a terrific party. . .better luck next year with the game!

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh yes ... Quilters know how to celebrate! Keep warm and enjoy the visit.

Debra said...

Excited for you to have James with you this Christmas.

I sent you an email a few days ago, did you receive it?
Deb xxx