Monday, 4 December 2017


... my son wants a hat with a bobble on. The conversation went ..

ME.. so this hat, what colour do you want?

HIM.. oh whatever you have

ME.. well what sort of pattern do you want? OR.. do you want it plain?

HIM.. whatever you feel like doing

ME.. do you want a fitted beanie or a slouchy one?

HIM.. I don't mind 

ME.............. ggggrrrrr ..........!!

SO .. I made a pink one for my granddaughter! lol x

I have now however, relented and started one for him...

AH! Family 

Hope yours are not driving you too crazy!!

Diane x


Patricia Ellingford said...

Hi Diane

For one moment I thought you were going to give him the bright pink one with the two tone bobble! Men they never can make up their minds. Hope you are keeping well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane ,lol boys love the hat you made for your GD 💋

Janice Smith said...

Oh, thank goodness. . . I, too, at first thought you made this bright pink hat for your indecisive son. Though I’m sure he would look quite striking in it, I’m glad it is for your granddaughter. :-)

kiwikid said...

Ha Ha Diane, typical bloke!! Love the beanie for your daughter.