Saturday, 2 April 2016


.... and final quote is ...

.......You are never to old to give it a try..

I know every-one says it a little differently .. this is my version. It applies in all aspects of our lives ...AT ALL TIMES  x  Be it at work or at home in our crafting/hobbies or with our children/families.

By having a go we broaden our horizons and open ourselves to new experiences ... we don't have to always enjoy or love the new experience.... crafters we all have occasions when we decide we are going to learn a new skill .. and turn it into a HUGE project .. and it ends as tiny because it is not for us... we also have times when that project we have been avoiding turns into a LOVE that we repeat over and over x least we had a go x

My mother, at 83, got an i-pad .. having never used any kind of computer product before...and after initial panic she is now using it everyday and teaching others how to find and download items of interest!

My computer recently decided I needed windows 10 .. and downloaded it !!eek! .. but I had a go and was even able to show my grandson a feature he needed to use !!.. oh yes!

Having a go keeps our minds active .. and in good health .. and having an interest is always fun x

SO.. have a go something new to-day x

ME? well I'm having a go at a knit-on-edging .. where you work so far as normal .. then turn your work 90 degrees and decrease as you kit up the side!!!!! scary stuff ...and my goodness my brain is active!!!! lol

Have fun x

Diane x


kiwikid said...

Such a true saying Diane, and if we do have a go we can experience new things and things we may have thought of as being scary really aren't!! My experience of tha time is driving on and off the ferry to Sorrento ....was worried about doing it but it went no problems!! So good to hear about your Mum having a go with the i pad...good on her!! That knitting sure looks complicated...but the results look amazing!!

Terry said...

Love your quote! My husband's grandmother learned to swim at age 70! My dad at 80 opened a Facebook account and posts! Me, I just keep trying new techniques as often as possible!

JoZart Quilts said...

I quite agree with your philosophy and my saying that I always use is "Life is a kaleidoscope". right from school my art teacher used to say that and tell us that if we don't shake it up and use the pieces it won't give us anything wonderful. Ahhh, thanks to Miss Eaton my fave teacher and (despite me being over 70) she was still alive when I last heard a couple of year ago so she must be well in her 90s.
Jo x

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Go mum and her iPad!!!!