Wednesday, 13 April 2016


... was Congleton Quilt group meeting... they had a night where sales tables were allowed... SO .. I took along a box of donated fabrics to help raise funds for SANDBACH Quilt group  2016 charity... still with me? lol x

With the help of the wonderful ladies a total of £62 was raised .. fantastic x

Makes me happy that the funds are increasing slowly x Our charity this year is for a local Muscular Disease Centre.. dealing with everything from MS to muscular dystrophy and beyond x

This morning the glow was still in place ... UNTIL .. I opened the fridge door! The spare FOUR PINT bottle of milk ..on the bottom shelf thankfully ..... had leaked! So although the smell was not too bad there was milk all through the shelf and the drawer at the bottom ...

......sigh! You know how much I LOVE to clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... especially when I have to wash the stuff IN the drawer as well as the rest of the fridge!

It did go a bit quicker than I expected though because I had been looking at my daughters latest Blog post ..... ....and there was a link to a podcast about the Biosphere from the 1990s... I remember this from the time but did not know all the details .. makes you think. .....AND for someone who LOVES to read science fiction and the dystopia novels of the likes of S M Stirling and Emily St.John Mandel... and the rest it was fascinating.... WOW! that got a bit deep! lol x

Off to have the brew I was getting the milk for in the first place xxx

Have a great day x

Diane x


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Groan! I dropped a bottle of fabric softener - the loo floor is a bit slimey but it smells Lovely !!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Don't you hate it when something leaks in the fridge lOl. At least it's a chane for a clean up! Glad you got your cuppa!

kiwikid said...

Oh no!!!! Nothing worse than early morning cleaning!! I bet you enjoyed your cuppa when you got to it!!

kiwikid said...

Forgot to say well done on the fundraising!!