Wednesday, 13 January 2016


... arrived safe and sound in Singapore ..thank goodness.. and after a wash and brush-up break are well on their way towards Sydney xx... not long now and I will know they are safe on the ground once more x

To-day is my dads 86th birthday..

I don't know why he has his eyes closed every time! lol x

We had a meal out and cake on Sunday before the family left...

.. yes .. the monkey has candles in his eyes! lol x THEN to-day we... went out for a meal and had ... more cake..

.. lol x Mother was in good form.. YES she has a bubble on her head lol ... DONT ASK!! well... it made us laugh x

I have not touched my sewing machine while the family have been here .. waiting on the top of my "projects to do" pile is a pattern test .. SO before food and cake stopped play I made..

well on the way .. play will resume to-morrow x (pictures are a bit dark.. will try and do better tomorrow x)

Have a good day x

Diane x


Lorraine said...

Hello Diane, great to hear your family arrived safely in Singaore, hope the rest of the journey is uneventful for them. Happy Birthday to your Dear Dad, as for your Mum, I think everyone should have a bubble on their head once in their life! LOL. Quilt is looking good so far,awaiting the finished article (soon?)! Lx

Terry said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! Bubbles ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. Blowing bubbles was a fun activity for me as a kid. Glad your kids are close to home and your pattern test is amazing!--Terry

kiwikid said...

Good to hear the family are safe in Singapore...soon they will be back in aus and safe. Happy birthday to your Dad...lucky man to have 2 cakes!!! Had a giggle over your Mum with the bubble on her head!! Your sewing is looking wonderful, loking forward to the finish. Hope this week is a little easier for you. Xx

Maggi said...

Always a worry until they are safely home which, hopefully, they are by now.

Lovely family photos and well done for getting some stitching done.