Tuesday, 12 January 2016


... has been cleaned .. from top to bottom ... the washing and ironing are done (make the most of that statement as it will be a LONG time before it will be repeated!! .. if ever!).. and my mood has been like the weather ie. Dull Damp and Dismal!! (actually it is sopping wet .. but I needed a D word xx)

The reason being that my daughter and family are on their way to Singapore on the first (11 hours!) leg of the journey home x The house is empty .... quiet ... and tidy ! Sigh xx  I will see them on Skype .. but wont be able to touch or hug them for a long time .... I have been looking at pictures and remembering the happy month that has JUST FLOWN away ...


(I have more pictures .. but Blogger does not want to put them in !!... Hey-Ho x Maybe it will let me play tomorrow x)

BUT being D..D..and D just wears you out .. and if we look hard enough the silver lining does shine through xx

FIRST .. I had a long and chatty call on Skype with my middle grandson in Perth, Western Australia

SECOND .. the Postman brought me ...a little bit of sunshine ..

....well there was a sale and I had a coupon .. what more is there to say? lol x

THIRD.. well I have to explain the back ground to this ... SAM has a rough, thick coat that keeps him warm and dry in all weather. I have a BIG coat that keeps me warm dry and snug. GUS.. has a short coat that ..yes.. lets in the cold and rain.. the weather at the moment is AWFUL.. and a train of thought was set in motion x In 2008 (the receipt was in the bag!) I bought Gus a coat.. he never wore it because he growled snapped and REFUSED to have anything to do with it... TODAY I was taking NO prisoners!

It was put on .. at risk of life and limb.. both of us!...


OH ! I have been laughing for hours over this x I had to DRAG him out of the house and up the street.. I think he was embarrassed to be seen in public ! He-He x

 He tried to shake it off.. AND  he scrapped it on everything he could! It has cheered me up no end xx When we left mum and dads bungalow he had to be dragged again xx lol x I think the gentle shush-shush as he walks soothed him eventually though ..

Gotta love him xx... he has done his bit to cheer me up.. and so he had an extra biscuit when we got home x

Hope you have found something to keep you feeling cheerful to-day xx

Diane xx


Jocelyn Thurston said...

You are a busy woman, Diane. Amazing how much gets accomplished. I've enjoyed reading your recent posts. Here's to a wonderful stitching/baking/family-loving year in 2016, from me in Ottawa, Canada.

Janice Smith said...

Glad you had such a long, wonderful visit with your daughter and her family, especially the precious little one. It must have been so hard seeing them go.

Gus looks quite handsome. Hopefully, he will get used to his new coat; Emma isn't crazy about wearing hers but she is resigned to it.

JoZart Quilts said...

Oh, Diane, I feel it for you, it's so hard when your family leave after all the joy you've shared for so long. I aways say that I wish the precious time could be spread out over the year. A couple of days here and there every week or two is much easier to cope with.
I can see you are being positive and getting on with your own life so just look forward to the next family visit.
I hope Gus get's used to his new outfit as he looks so good in it. If only they could talk we could explain the benefits.
Keep smiling and think of all the lovely times you've had with that gorgeous babe!
Jo x

Terry said...

I feel for you about the empty house; but, happy for you that you have a month full of memories to look back on. As for the story about Gus and his coat. . .it was priceless! He looks so handsome in it!--Terry

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

Oh Gus you look very handsome in your coat I need to buy my Rocky hound one. xx

kiwikid said...

Wonderful famiy photos Diane....I had to laugh at Gus..hopefully he gets used to the coat and realises he is warmer and dryer in it....doesn't have to be tough all the time!!! Xx

Maggi said...

That month certainly did go by quickly, obviously too quickly for you. Thank goodness you at least have Skype.

Oh dear, Gus does not look impressed. Maybe he just doesn't like being warm.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Poor Gus! So glad you had s great time with them, sorry they've gone xxx