Thursday, 27 October 2011


At the moment if I want to go to Hobby Craft I have to make an effort...the nearest to us is situated at Bridgemere Garden Centre and is a 20-25 min you see effort is needed........


I..........t has been announced that there is one to open in our local retail park....that's a 10 minuet walk!! I go at least once a week!! My poor bank will NEVER recover!!

On a festive theme I am including a picture of grandson no. 2 from last year....this is being kept in the bribery and corruption file!!...just in case you are confused (!) he was a ROBIN in the Christmas play!...gotta love em!!

Keep smiling
Diane xx

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Amanda said...

Lucky you. My nearest Hobbycraft is in Bristol, about an hour's drive, and a horrible drive at that. I usually wait until we got to visit family in Surrey and stock up at the store in Crawley.