Sunday, 23 October 2011


I am SSSSOOOO excited....I got a comment! WOW! How excited am I!! I never expected a reply so quickly!


I was thinking about inspiration and where it comes from....I know where it goes!...thats another story

The family bought me a digital camera last Christmas, and , I think it must be one of the best presents I have ever received. I take it everywhere...yes I'm one of those who whips out the camera all the time! But I have got some great pictures....and I don't have to rely on the failing memory for inspiration!

This is a picture of a shop doorway in Llandudno...I wonder how many feet have walked over these tiles and never seen them? I wont necessarily use the whole design... but it has possibilities.

Rocks are a great source of inspiration...they just do their own thing and make up colours and patterns as they go along......I love to look at them.

This elephant was just sat in a park in London....I loved him for his sense of colour! His boldness and just for being there in an unexpected setting!

I am NOT a fan of vegetables,but, when I see them in the supermarket I just LOVE the colours and variation in pattern that they achieve.....fortunately Caroline (my sons partner) is a vegetarian and as they are on a tight budget they are always grateful for donations.....they do well out of me at this time of year! may notice these also match the colours in my curtains lol

Another squash....bit different colouration this time.

off for a cuppa now, and maybe a piece of to celebrate my getting a comment !!

Keep smiling                                                                                                   Diane                                                                                                            

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