Saturday, 22 October 2011

First try!

This is my very first go at blogging on MY VERY OWN BLOG! I have posted blogs on TQS...cut my teeth as it were! But this is my first go on my own! Its sort of scary...sort of fun and liberating!
I have set this up so that I can share what I am doing, share any and all inspiration that comes my way...and to be part of a like minded community....fingers crossed.
I am sure that the family will creep into this and it wont all be sewing and quilt related...thats what they are like! Want to join in all the time...gotta love them!
My most recent quilt is a scrappy one....I am going to attempt to post a picture when finished, difficult to do with fingers crossed ,but, going to try!
!.....I love charm square packs, and over time have collected quite a few (!), so, I decided I would have enough for a lap quilt.... LOL ... it sort of grew and fits on a double bed!!!!
I did not quilt it but used buttons from mine, my mums and my (long gone) grannys button boxes......LOVE IT....also used some lenghths left over from a jelly roll.
In the picture Sally (daughter) and Blair (her partner) are stood on chairs! They were doing a lot of moaning about aching arms..but.. I had to get a picture...didnt I?

 WOW!! I did it ....Im not as technically challenged as I though I was...whohooo!
This is to show the buttons on the back.
 And the buttons on the front

Phew Im exhausted now! Off for a cup of tea and a lie down to recover!
Will return soon with more ramblings...hope someone reads and enjoys this !


Wendy said...

Hi Diane :)
Oooh I've never been the first to comment on someones very first blog post ... lol! Kind of momentous ... hahaha
I think I'm supposed to say welcome to blog-land :)
I am usually more of a lurker than a comment-er but I had to say hello, especially as I love your charm-button-tied quilt :)
And guess what I was doing this afternoon?? Button-tie-ing a quilt too .. hahaha
Well this has turned into a long hello, hope you have fun in your blogging 'journey'!
Hugs Wendy

Primitive Treasures said...

Hi Diane! I'm a newbie to Blog Land too...but once you start, it's addictive!
I love the things you've made!
Well, I want to wish you many happy hours of dribbling and drooling over the fantastic things you'll see made by fellow Bloggies!
Love Karen x