Monday, 24 October 2011

more inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes to me from the time of year, or the holiday that is looming on the horizon...sometimes it is me getting inspired and making ...sometimes it is one of my quilt groups and we all have a go at making items.
I thought this might be a good way to show you some of the things I have made of the holidays I have celebrated are;

These as you may guess are spring...they are tulips! We made them at quilt group in Congleton (Beartown)...that was a fun evening.

You may have noticed (!) that one of them has a pin holding the leaf in place...I'm getting round to finishing it! NO it wasn't THIS year we made them!! I have had a lot to do! Usually they sit on a table in my craft room ie back bedroom, so its a case of OH! I must finish that...then I get distracted....

You may have spotted Christmas next...this wall hanging was a challenge, again from Congleton. Christmas brings out all the glittery "stuff" LOVE IT.

Rudolf was an evening make...Congleton again...he was claimed by Sally (daughter) who wore him to work.....I got him back AFTER Christmas lol

I'm not sure how Halloween got to be after Christmas but hey ho! These little pumpkins were made by me and my 2 grandsons......well I made them and they issued "ORDERS" as to construction and placement of features!

This was the original pumpkin... they are all sitting on my hall table at the moment...safer than real ones with candles in....I can be a bit clumsy at times! 

That's it for today  
keep smiling
Diane xx 

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